Research in Computing Science

ISSN 1870-4069
(Vol. 1 to 20: ISSN 1665-9899)

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Research in Computing Science, ISSN 1870-4069, is an internationally refereed scientific research journal published by the National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico. All papers submitted for publication are subject to rigorous international review process and are accepted or rejected basing on the review results. For the moment the journal is not indexed in ISI's SCI or EI. See an example issue and some special issues, many of which are available in full text (click on the image).

The topics of interest, number of pages per paper, submission procedure, deadlines, and contact are specified in the Call for Papers of a respective special issue or conference.

The format of papers is identical to Springer LNCS series format (though the journal is not published by Springer). You can find useful these formatting tips. Papers that do not follow these format requirements may be rejected without review or may be not included in the journal even if they were accepted for publication.

For the moment we do not require a copyright form, so please do not send it to us. We may contact you later for a copyright form.

Current and recent issues

Vol. 88: Avances en la Ingeniería del Lenguaje y del Conocimiento

Vol. 86: Advances in Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Decision Making

Vol. 85: Avances en la Ingeniería del Lenguaje y del Conocimiento

Vol. 84: Advances in Computational Linguistics

Vol. 82: Advances in Artificial Intelligence

Vol. 79: Advances in Intelligent Information Technologies

Vol. 77: Advances in Artificial Intelligence and its Intelligent Applications

Vol. 75: Advances in Telematics

Vol. 74: Modelado computacional de habilidades lingüísticas y visuales

Vol. 73: Análisis heurístico de datos y gestión de conocimiento

Vol. 72: Aplicaciones de Inteligencia Artificial

Vol. 70: Advances in Computational Linguistics

Vol. 68: Advances in Soft Computing Techniques

Vol. 65: Advances in Natural Language Processing and Intelligent Learning Environments

Vol. 56: Intelligent Learning Environments

Vol. 47: Advances in Intelligent Learning Environments

Some of past special issues